Age of Bastards

Session 11

Bounties and Conspiracies

Friedhelm and Ankhaquet decide to take a concoction in hopes of communing with the spirits. While Friedhelm was able to spend some time speaking with a coyote Ankhaquet remained uneffected by the concoction.

Herr Baldur von Weinbaum met Majin, the Krymean abode crafter that Vhala had sent for and begins work on his clay brick home.

The party met Hermann Casselberg, a local stockman. While he seems an alright type a marshal from Stahl comes to town with fliers for the arrest of a man called Kurt von Landberaht who looks to be the spitting image of Hermann. Kurt is wanted for desertion and murder, having left his military band with a group of men and gone outlaw. Discussions reign as to what to do about this but for the time being Baldur keeps the warrant out of the sheriff’s hands.

The party speak with Sigrid Weber about his allegiances, he’s a proud Magyarman. This is a slight problem for the group as they now aren’t entirely sure whether to kill him or ally with him.

A lengthy discussion occurs regarding the upcoming marriage between General Abilio and Lena Kowalski.



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